Tomatis method

The child will pay attention to you and speak after the first course. Guaranteed many years of experience


Administered to children with attention disorders (hyperactivity), disorders rate and rhythm of speech (stuttering), different disorders written and spoken language (dysgraphia, dyslalia, dysarthria, alalia), developmental disorders autism spectrum

Cerebellum stimulation

Only here! Excellent result for the perception of verbal, writing,
mechanical skills of reading,
mathematical abilities,
all types of memory,
sports skills

Transcranial stimulation

Soterix is a global leader in non-invasive neuromodulation and brain stimulation.

Іnteraktive metronome

Only we can raise a child together and concentrate his attention

Метод биоакустической коррекции

Метод биоакустической коррекции - это возможность с помощью специальной компьютерной программы превращать сигналы мозга, полученные из электроэнцефалограммы человека, в звук.

Our results since 2013 Stay with us

About Safety

We are the only in Ukraine, we have international certificates for neuromodulation (micropolarization) and do not cause seizures

Family happiness

We have retained 58% of families from disintegration and have improved the quality of life. And matrimonial including 🙂

Attention! Children!

For three years in 83% of children increased focus

Our achievement

3089 children improved perception of speech addressed to him

Our happiness

832 Child with motor alalia said his first words

Breakthrough in learning

1580 children successfully master the general education program

заполните поля и мы с вами свяжемся в ближайшее время