FORBRAIN® ( «For the brain”) – a special device that allows you to train the brain processes auditory information processing. For training uses your own voice and the voice of the child’s teacher. FORBRAIN developed by experts from Hong Kong.

What problems does it solve?


Classes using FORBRAIN appointed children with various speech and communication problems (disorders of the autism spectrum, alalia, stuttering, dysarthria, etc..), As well as learning difficulties in school.


FORBRAIN used in work with adults – in cases where a person wants to improve the quality of your voice and vote to get rid of an accent, to prepare for public speaking is more effective to learn a foreign language.


FORBRAIN so constructed as to activate all the aspects of the audio signal transfer and processing. For this purpose, a vibrating device that provides increased bone conduction (that is significantly faster than air) and a special dynamic filter enriching speech sounding high frequencies.

Using FORBRAIN allows you to become a good listener as well as improve the quality of his voice and speech: the child hears his own voice in a corrected form, the brain is forced to reorganize its work in response to these changes.


How are classes?


FORBRAIN not replace training with experts, but is a great addition that increases the effectiveness of training with a speech therapist, music therapist, an art therapist. During the entire session or part of the child uses FORBRAIN headset and hear his voice, and the voice of the teacher in an acoustically modified version.


Attention! Not recommended for use during the passage FORBRAIN Tomatis or inTime courses.


FORBRAIN® creators recommend using it daily for 10-20 minutes.