Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Autism is called one of the neurological disorder that arises as a result of brain development. The disease manifests itself in the form of social constraints. Child-autistic or not able to establish contacts with other people, or may establish exclusively autistic form of contacts. If it is impossible to communicate with strangers observed in autistic pathological attachment to his family, especially his mother.

Autism in children, treatment is carried out in our clinic, previously classified in the context of schizophrenia spectrum, but this approach have been abandoned for a long time and now identify several categories of autistic disorder:

classic infantile autism or Kanner’s syndrome;

Asperger syndrome – a form of autism, in which the intellect is preserved;

Infantile Autism;

Delayed development of speech;

Mental retardation;

Anomalies of development – and other left-handedness.

Schizophrenia and other psychoses;

Infantile autism, as an intermediate stage for other forms of autism;

Organic autism;

Rett Syndrome – Autism with unspecified origin.

Among researchers there is no deviation of a single and clear opinion about the reasons that lead to the development of the disease – they emit a great variety. Also, while there is no effective method of treatment for autism, but micropolarization use in combination with psychological help and massages gives visible results in a relatively high positive dynamics.

Treatment method Tomatis

The increased incidence

The sad thing is that every year the number of children with pronounced behavioral and social problems is growing. If earlier cases was no more than 5 per 10 000 children, doctors now diagnose autism in its different forms, each 88 children. Statistics show that boys suffer more often girls. Carried out certain parallels between the growth in the number of vaccines and residence: it is believed that children living in areas with rainy climates are more prone to illness than children from southern areas with a warm and dry climate.


Treatment of autism in children is complicated by the fact that the causes of the disease are not known until the end. Most researchers tend to give the primacy of biological factors in the form of non-homogeneous regions of the brain – in time, as some areas are too developed, others – are underdeveloped. As the causes of biological nature, also called a violation of serotonin metabolism, distortion or pair work of the cerebral hemispheres, and others.

Genetic factors are also often considered among the root causes, as in families where there have been cases of children born with different forms of autism, the risk of recurrent disease are much higher offspring. In a way, autism is associated with organic brain damage and epilepsy. Often in the history of autism present data on violations of and complications in utero.

Data on the growth of children and the incidence correlated with vaccination. According to official figures the moment of intense increase in the number of children with similar disorders coincides with the beginning of active use of combination vaccines. Emotional coldness parents – it is also one of the reasons that psychologists rank to a number of causes autism. According to them, the parents too much time given to the material welfare of the family and the child, but completely forget about elementary parental affection and attention.


infantile autism Treatment usually begins between the ages of 3-4 years, because earlier diagnosis of the disease is almost impossible. But at the same time, the sooner the parents were able to see any deviations and to see a doctor, the better the chances that the treatment of autism in Ukraine will be successful.

As it has been identified unambiguous cause of the disease and there is no standard set of symptoms that would indicate the presence of uniquely autistic disorder.

If you rely on a single scale of diagnosing the disease, it is necessary to distinguish the following symptoms of autism:

stereotype – multiple execution aimless movements with his hands, head and torso;

compulsive behavior – the formation and strict observance of the peculiar rules (arrangement of things, appliances, furniture, toys);

ritualistic behavior – the need in the everyday performance of one or more original, usually domestic nature, of rituals. For example, eating lunch the same food, mandatory transfer and viewing, etc .;

limited behavior – the narrow interests of the child when watching the same program to play with only one toy;

autoaggression – aggression directed at himself, when a child intentionally inflicts damage to themselves;

lack of learning – with an average and high level of intelligence with autism poorly trained by conventional methods;

attention deficit and hyperactivity – often arise only in relation to employment which are imposed from outside by adults. When the self-selected tasks concentrations can be very high;

outbursts of anger due to the fact that due to the impairment of cognitive and communicative abilities of a child just can not tell about their problems.

The large number of persons with autism spectrum disorders are observed unusual ability as a rare talent and abilities, and in the simplest form of highly specialized skills. We can not say that there is the whole complex of autism and more marked symptoms. Most often, there are varieties of repetitive behavior, supplemented by secondary symptoms. Children with autism, treatment which is one of our clinic services is treated is particularly effective in the early stages of the disease, because it is logical to turn to a specialist with the appearance of symptoms of anxiety, which, even conditionally can be classified as autistic.

Treatment of autism micropolarization

The clear answer to the question of how to treat autism exist. Earlier, when the disease was considered in the context of the schizophrenia spectrum, it is usually treated with medication. However, unconventional treatment of autism was the most effective. This is due to the fact that all autistic disorders are one – the reduction or distortion of the activity of the frontal lobes, which leads to the total dysfunction of other parts of the brain. treatment of children autism centers use different methods, including medications. But our Center for treatment of autism and brain stimulation has bet on the most promising treatments for autism – micropolarization in conjunction with the accompanying therapeutic procedures: the help of professional psychologists, speech therapists and speech therapists, massages different plan.

Micropolarization and other methods that we use allows you to work directly on the affected areas of the brain, in this case, the frontal lobes, and restore their function, which leads to the opposite effect – improving the functioning of the frontal lobes involves normalization of the work of other sectors of the brain.

Autism and Asperger Syndrome
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