Buy apparatus for Transkranyaln brain stimulation

Our clinic is a member of Soterix Medical in Ukraine

Soterix Medical is a world leader in the field of non-invasive brain stimulation and neuromodulation.

We believe physicians all instances its strategic partners, paying great attention to the study of their needs, improve the skills of doctors in dealing with patients.

Establishment of medical center “Centre of brain stimulation” cooperates with all regions of Ukraine and district clinics. According to our partners, we are the ideal medical institution for their patients.

Clinics and various rehabilitation facilities, we offer different types of cooperation, including the franchise.

You can buy the equipment from us and receive training.

You can rent equipment from us and we will train your staff handling them.

We offer physicians and other specialists:

    • Training and introduction of new effective methods of treatment of various diseases. The methods used in our center have been used successfully for many years in Europe, the United States and other developed countries.
    • Any doctor, any category, who wants to get acquainted with our work can come to us for training or expand their knowledge base and get a certificate to work with the latest equipment and modern methods of treatment.
    • Our center works closely with the global medical associations and constantly invite the best specialists in the field of medicine and rehabilitation from different countries.
Buy apparatus for Transkranyaln brain stimulation
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