Іnteraktive metronome



The program, created by Interactive Metronome (USA) to overcome disorders of speech, attention and behavior related to the timing and planning of movements.


DO need is your child?


Classes are interactive metronome appointed to children with ADHD, autism spectrum disorders (early childhood autism (RDA), Asperger’s syndrome, autystycheskye state), mental retardation, cerebral palsy, impaired speech tempo, children after traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage.


What problem it solves?


Interactive metronome stimulates brain activity, which is necessary for processing sensory information coming from the outside. It promotes the ability to plan their activities, stabilizes behavioral reactions.


What novelty and unlike the other?


“Center of brain stimulation” and methods vidnovlyuvalnyyi center “Kiev” the first in Ukraine began using interactive metronome in remedial classes with children.


How is?


The work is based on the principle of “feedback”. The child should clap or stomp his foot in line with the rhythmic sounds of a metronome. Touch the touch pad or glove to assess the clarity of performance objectives child.


Engage can start from 4-5 years.

Іnteraktive metronome
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