Bioacustic Correction MethodWhich kids’ problems might be solved by means of the BAC Method

In the Center for Brain Stimulation, the children with neurological disorders are treated and the adults recovering from depression, stroke or psychosis are provided with health care. Our center is known not only in Kyiv – patients of different ages from all over Ukraine come here. And they are aware of the Center not only due to professional rehabilitation therapists, neurologists, psychologists or defectologists. The Center for Brain Stimulation has the most up-to-date base of apparatus technologies in Ukraine, which are really effective, give obvious results and have proven itself in different situations.

Leading experts thoroughly select the apparatus methods, opting only for those that showed their proven efficiency. One of them is the BAC method, or bioacoustic correction of the brain.

биоакустическая коррекция головного мозга

Main characteristics of the BАC Method

Bioacoustic correction or BAC is a method that is used as for the purposes of digital diagnostics as for the treatment of a wide range of diseases and deviations in the development of the central nervous system. Its authors are the team of neurophysiologists of the Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. In accordance with the principles of evidentiary medicine, the effectiveness of the BAC method was evidenced by the number of researches that have been conducted in clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg for the last 25 years.

The method is based on the concept of involuntary regulation, which is activated in the brain during the process of listening to its own electroencephalogram – firstly, recorded and transformed into sound. It is implemented by means of biocontrol system, neurotherapy and music therapy. This is a completely safe and physiological procedure, since the sound exposure occurs naturally through the acoustic organs.

The effectiveness of the procedure is not only evidenced – positive changes can be observed in real time using an electroencephalogram, which shows signs of the stabilization of brain.

The spheres of application of BAC Method in Kyiv and Ukraine

BAC, or Bioacoustic correction of the brain is carried out in Kyiv, the method activates the functional backup of the brain. The brain functioning is normalized due to the fact that the functions of primitive or damaged brain structures are redistributed between normally functioning or unused cerebral structures.

Using the BAC method, we are able to care children with diagnosis of:

  • all types of speech disorders – General Speech Underdevelopment, Dysarthria, Alalia and other disorders;
  • attention deficit with hyperactivity;
  • deviation in mental development or mental retardation, Autism;
  • neurosis and neurosis-like disorders – Enuresis, habit chorea;
  • diminished hearing;

The method is also effective in eliminating the sequelae of the evoked diseases or lesions of the brain: after traumatic cerebral injuries, organic lesion, acute cerebrovascular disease. Also, the BAC method is recommended to children after cochlear implantation – it helps the brain to adapt quickly to the new mechanism of sounds perception. The method has no side effects, no acquired tolerance, it is completely painless and at the same time amazingly effective.

The specialists of the Center for Brain Stimulation prescribe the BAC method to the children simultaneously with other apparatus methods – for example, micropolarization. This approach is completely approved because the new technology does not conflict with other types of influence, increases the effectiveness of other types of treatment. For some patients, it may reduce drug pressure or even completely replace drug treatment — the price for the bioacoustic brain regulation session is even lower than one dose of the high-quality drugs.

The treatment in the clinic with the use of BAC method is absolutely comfortable for children of any age, so our doctors with good grace include the method in the treatment course of many patients of different ages. One procedure lasts for about 15-25 minutes – it is desirable to pass 10 or 15 sessions, in order to enable the obvious and persistent effect. But the first positive results will be noticed already in the process of treatment, after several responses.

The effectiveness of bioacoustic correction becomes even higher when it is used in the treatment of very young patients, whose brain are still actively developing – such kid possesses more of resources and has higher potential.

If you are parents of a small child with mental or neurological deviations, you may confidently visit the Center for Brain Stimulation – the range of available methods allows us to treat our patients safely at a tender age. And the bioacoustic correction of the brain is among them.

Which diagnosed diseases are recommended to be treated with BACСуть метода БАК

It is a well-known fact that the brain controls almost all processes in our body. Bioacoustic correction makes possible to recover normal brain functioning, if it’s impaired on any reason.

The method of bioacoustic correction gives the possibility to convert brain signals obtained during electroencephalography into sounds, by means of special computer program. At the session, the patient listens to the brain’s “music” in the truest sense of the word. But the most important thing is that due to the sound reverse effect on the brain neurons, spontaneous self-regulation of the body occurs, and this can be evaluated according to the live electroencephalogram.

How the procedure of brain correction is performed

метод бак

The patient makes himself comfortably in the armchair. The headphones are put on the patient with fixing sensors on the head that read EEG parameters. And the patient starts to hear music, which, in fact, is the acoustic waves tuned from electrical signals of his brain.

Each BAC procedure is monitored by recording EEG by 4 channels in the live mode (subject to review and indices dynamics analysis). After the session, the specialist has the opportunity to evaluate the differences of various EEG parameters (indexometric, patterns, cross-correlation analysis).

The BAC Method is totally painless and safe! It is recommended for children of any age, since birth.

All that is needed prior to the bioacoustic correction course is a consultation with a neurologist.


The precautions:

  • immediate postsurgical period;
  • hypertensic crisis;
  • acute infectious disease;
  • acute injuries of cranium;
  • cerebral blood flow or spinal cord blood supply acute disturbances;
  • acute myocardial infarction;
  • acute and subacute inflammatory diseases of the brain and spinal cord, its membranes (Myelitis, Meningitis, etc.);
  • acute bleeding;
  • serious mental illness.

How many procedures do you need?

The manipulation is performed as a course consisting of 7-15 sessions, which last for 30 minutes each.

the cost of our services

Type of ServicesDurationPrice
Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (primary)30-45 minUAH 450
Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (definite)30 minUAH 300
Еlectroencephalography (EEG)UAH 450
Transcranial District Current Stimulation (TDCS)20 minUAH 400
Bioacoustical remodeling (BAR)20 minUAH 400
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