ForBrain earphones

FORBRAIN® («for your brains») – special device, allowing to train the process of processing of the audio information by your brain.

The self-tones of voice of the kid and the teacher are keys for trainings. FORBRAIN has been invented by the specialists from Hong Kong.

What problems can be solved?

The sessions with application of FORBRAIN are prescribed to the children with different speech and language disorders (Autism Spectrum Disorder, Alalia, Stuttering, Dysarthria, etc.), as well as with learning disabilities.

FORBRAIN is used in medical services for adults as well – when somebody is intended to perfect the fineness of own speaking and the tone of voice, to get rid of accent, to prepare public speeches, to study foreign language more effectively.

FORBRAIN was designed in such way that activates all the aspects of transferring and modification of audible signal. For this, the pulse block is used, enhancing bone conduction (which is much quicker than free-air), and a special dynamic filter supplements the gone talk by the high frequencies.

The use of FORBRAIN enables to become an attentive listener and to polish up the quality of own tone of voice: the child hears personal voice in refined version, so the brain shall change its functioning in return thereto.

How are the sessions held?

FORBRAIN utilization does not substitute the sessions with specialists, while it serves as the best  accessory supporting the raise of effectiveness of the sessions with speech pathologists,  music therapist, creative arts therapist. During the entire session or its part, the kid handles the headset FORBRAIN and hears his own voice and the voice of the teacher with audibly modified adaptation.

The developers of FORBRAIN® recommend its application for 10-20 minutes on daily basis.

Стоимость наших услуг

Наименование ПродолжительностьЦена
Консультация логопеда30 минут250 грн.
Консультация детского врача невролога (первичная)30-45 минут450 грн.
Консультация детского врача невролога (заключительная)30 минут300 грн.
Массаж логопедический и артикуляционная гимнастика20 минут250 грн.
Комплексное логопедическое занятие (занятие + массаж)50 минут400 грн.
Занятие логопеда30 минут200 грн.
For Brain20 минут200 грн.

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