Remedial Gymnastics for Kids

 Remedial gymnastics is a complex of specially worked out kinetic exercises aimed at adjustment and restoration of the child’s body in case of neurological disorders, diseases of the bone-joint apparatus and internal organs. Our Center of Mind Stimulation offers the remedial gymnastics exercises in Kiev for children of kindergarten and school ages, who are often sick or who have been suffering after injuries or surgeries. Our clinic also specializes in the rehabilitation of children with special needs, those which have with delays in their physical development and pathologies of the locomotor apparatus system.

In our work, we use the complexes of remedial gymnastics that are relevant to the world-standards as well as genuine treatment and rehabilitation programs.

The merit of remedial gymnastics in childhood

Remedial gymnastics and therapeutic exercises in childhood are able to correct disorders and to imply directly on the formation of the skeleton, the muscular system and the posture. In future, this effect on the individual growth of the body and the immune status will form the basis for healthy adulthood.

The stoop of a child is not such a harmless sign – it may outgrow within the years. In the absence of correction, the stoop may progress and result in the incipient  osteochondrosis. Therapeutic exercises in the back osteochondrosis are applied in such a way that strengthen the core and thus reduces the load on the anterior spine and intervertebral discs. The course of remedial gymnastics for the spine starts with exercises performed by the patient laying on the back. Such exercises relax the muscles and reduce pain. Step by step, other exercises are included into the complex: when the patient lies pronate, on his side, sits on a chair or on all fours or in standing position.

Remedial gymnastics in osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine is often supported with drugs and compression underwear, by means of physiotherapy.

Remedial gymnastics for children with scoliosis is the basis of any therapy, since the musculoskeletal system is being under formation and it is growing. So, the child’s body responds to its correction faster than the body of an adult. Remedial gymnastics increases the elasticity of muscles and tendons, activates blood circulation and nutrition of tissues, improves the mobility of the spine and the joints.

The indications to the remedial gymnastics exercises

  • posture defects (stoop, scoliosis, kyphosis);
  • movements incoordination;
  • uncertain and hard gait;
  • early symptoms of osteochondrosis;
  • neurosis-like disorders (anxiety, tearfulness, hysterics);
  • myopia;
  • heart diseases and respiratory system diseases;
  • flat feet, clubfoot, valgus deformity of feet;
  • rickets;
  • cerebral palsy;
  • decrease in body tone after injuries, operations or diseases.

Remedial gymnastics for kids in our Clinic

 МЦ Приоритет Only specialized institutions do know what the remedial gymnastics is – and how it is important in complex therapy and recovery. There is sufficient number of the centers in Kyiv offering the remedial gymnastics, and among them there is our Center of Mind Stimulation. Rehabilitation therapists, remedial gymnastics instructors and massage therapists of our Clinic completed the specialized education and have more than 25 years experiences; they have passed trainings in the rehabilitation centers and clinics of Europe and have a command of original rehabilitation and massage manipulations.

Physical therapy for children at the Center for Mind Stimulation is based on a elaborated set of exercises, measured load, a personal approach relevant to the patient’s age, health and physical capabilities of every child.

In our Clinic, the individual and group sessions are held. Individual classes of the remedial gymnastics form partnership relationships between a doctor and a child, which increase self-estimation and strengthen the feeling of security of the child, so important to the one, teach to trust and believe in your own forces.

Our trainers of remedial gymnastics work with small patients in relaxed and friendly manner, turning exercises into exciting games, in which, however, there is no lack of sports discipline. Adjusting the set of exercises up to the needs and dosing the loads are made at sight.

The complexes of remedial gymnastics are applied so that there is simultaneous effect on the ligaments, muscles and joints. The basics of therapeutic effects is in repetition of the movements of any exercise. Special sport equipment (balls, rubber bands) force the specific muscle groups to function. Remedial gymnastics for children include both gymnastic exercises and outdoor games, massage, breathing yoga elements.



 The remedial gymnastics for children with cerebral palsy is aimed at improving of coordination, toning the muscles, developing the motor functions and skills of self-service. The salient feature of the remedial gymnastics in cerebral palsy is in close cooperation between a doctor and a child, when every kid’s movement is supported with the assistance of the adult hands. To enhance the result, a set of exercises alternates with massage. It is very important not to miss sessions.

Rehabilitation therapists of our Clinic have created specifically for children the original complex program of therapeutic physical training for therapy and rehabilitation of children. In the course of practical application, our program showed positive results in various neurological disorders and orthopedic diseases. This complex is also used to improve immunity, which is so important for the children growing bodies.

What effect can we reach after the course of remedial gymnastics?

    • the improvement of bilateral coordination in space;
    • the retention of balance while moving;
    • the development of movement planning and confident stepping;
    • the normalization of the ratio between step and length (walking speed);
    • the posture correction;
    • the formation and strengthening of the core;
    • the restoration of mobility of the spine and joints;
    • the immune status increase and the improvement of the body;
    • the internal organs optimization;
    • the improvement of concentration and memory, learning capabilities;
    • the increase of communication skills;
    • the development of self-discipline.



The basic course of remedial gymnastics includes 10 sessions, each for 60 minutes.

Recommended frequency – 3 – 4 sessions per week.

The cost of our services

Type of ServicesDurationPrice
Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (primary)30-45 minUAH 450
Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (definite)30 minUAH 300
Еlectroencephalography (EEG)UAH 450
Remedial gymnastics50 minUAH 400
Sensory integration therapy45 minUAH 450
Full-body nursery massage (for kids up to 14y.o.)40 minUAH 250
Full-body massage for adolescent (for patients from 14 y.o.)50 minUAH 400
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Remedial Gymnastics for Kids
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