Sessions of speech-language pathologists with non-speaking children

Speech-language pathologist sessions are the complex of exercises and manual   impacts, aimed at the development of speech apparatus and mentality in case of impairing speech disorders. 

The speech pathologists of our clinic in Kyiv treats the children with mental or speech disorders. Using the logopedic massage and special playing exercises, we help small children to form the pre-verbal social skills (by vocal intonations, kinesics, physiognomy, sight, posture) and to stimulate the forthcoming speech.

   Pre-verbal skills form the basic level, which the oral speech appears from. To make a child start speaking and to use this skill, which allows the words of baby talk to gain the exact meaning, firstly, the kinetic speech skills, physiognomy and gesture, shall be obtained.

Hence, even if the kid’s already been talking – the assistance of adult people is required to ensure the skills of establishing of the relations on pre-verbal level. This is crucial for children with autism. Preoccupied in themselves, the kids need the skills to manifest their emotions and to adapt to the society.

What’s the difference between speech therapist or speech pathologists?

  The speech therapist deals with a child who can already talk – but the child talks with wrong phonetics (stammers, speaks with a uvular ‘r’, lips, snuffles, difficultly synthesizes letters). The speech pathologist deals with children, who require the development of speech but not its adjustment only.

The logopedic sessions with the use of traditional methods of correction are not sufficient to receive the anticipated result with non-speaking or hardly speaking children. Hence, the teaching pronunciation is not enough for them.

That is why some speech therapists typically refuse to work with this “problem” category of small patients, at least not having assumptions on prospective. This happens when a child is able to talk – but avoids interaction with the teacher. The sessions with speech pathologists may gently promote the psychoverbal plane and socialize the children, to whom the traditional speech therapy failed to help.

Among kids, who needs speech pathologist sessions?

Speech pathologist sessions will help the kid to find the mutual language with the environment in case of the following diseases:

  • Autism and autistic disorders;
  • Alalia;
  • Dysarthria;
  • general speech underdevelopment;
  • delay in psychoverbal development;
  • congenital genetic syndromes (Down’s disease, cerebral palsy, mental retardation).

Logopedic massage for taciturn persons


МЦ Приоритет

 The logopedic massage develops the organs of articulation, tonifies and stimulates the innervation of articulatory muscles, optimizes the functioning of brains.

The logopedic massage starts with light stroking of the forehead and the face. This contact provides for the influence on the muscles and the inurement of the kid to the speech therapist hands. Apart from the face, the muscles of collar zone and the tongue are massaged.

The logopedic massage with the use of proof sticks together with a manual logopedic massage will effectively influence on the muscle tone.

The speech pathologist sessions with mentally-retarded children involve the logopedic massage and therapy gymnastics.

After all, such complex rehabilitation stimulates the entire blood supply of brains and the articulation muscles innervation.

The logopedic massage is prescribed in 10 sessions. The massage is combined with the articulatory gymnastics, isotonic exercises for the muscles of the organs of speech and the sessions on correct pronunciation. The choice of techniques of logopedic massage is defined on the first medical consultation.

Playing activities with speech pathologists of our clinic

The sessions with speech pathologists in Kyiv, passed on the basis of our Center of Mind Stimulation, help small children with autism or delay in psychoverbal development or mental retardation or cerebral palsy and Down’s disease, to cultivate the skills of pre-verbal and oral communication and to adapt to the society.

МЦ Приоритет

  For the kids with autism, there’re introduced the remedial courses that assist to frame the sentence basing on the visual representation (image). The sessions of speech pathologists with non-speaking or hardly speaking autistic children, who pronounce only single words or short phrases, help to establish the emotional contact with a kid, to develop through sophisticated game situations their everyday speech. The guiding of speech into communicative production by means of contacts and dialogs, albeit short or slightly emotional, develops the tenor of speech, study skills and social adaptation of an autistic child.

The sessions of the speech therapist with children, diagnosed the delay in psychoverbal development, are aimed to the development of ideation. Delay in mental development leads to unreadiness of the kids by the time of school age to handle the studies at school. Thus, the main goal of treatment of such kids – to teach them to assume the information and to analyze it autonomously.

The individual sessions with the speech pathologist shall calm down a kid, establishing the trust relations between both of them – and this helps to facilitate the dialog with the kid, to enhance the results of the treating actions.

The cost of our services

Type of Services DurationPrice
Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (primary)30-45 минут450 грн.
Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (definite)30 минут300 грн.
Speech therapist/pathologist session30 минут250 грн.
Массаж логопедический и артикуляционная гимнастика20 минут250 грн.
Logopedic complex session (exercise + logopedic massage)50 минут400 грн.
Logopedic exercise with ForBrain elements30 минут450 грн.
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Sessions of speech-language pathologists with non-speaking children
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