The Manual Therapy for the children

The Manual Therapy is a complex of methods of treatment and of the diagnosis assessments, which are carried out through the contact of the doctor’s hands with the patient’s body and its physical impact on the body. First of all, the main effect is made on the muscles, the spine and the joints. Each session of the manual therapy in our clinic shall be treated as a step towards the improvement of health, the perfection of the body, the remedy of the natural motor capacity of the joints and the complete functioning of other organs of the body.

  The manual therapy and the massage are not the same thing. While the massage is focused on harmonizing of the emotional state and relaxation of the body, the manual therapy sessions constitute the type of treatment and are aimed at achieving the full therapeutic result.

Another difference is that while the massage influences through mostly soft tissues and subcutaneous structures, the manual therapy effects the bone and the joint apparatus, the muscles and muscle fascia, the ligaments, the vessels, the lymph nodes and other internals with the controlled strength.

Based on the therapeutic principles of neurology, vertebrology, orthopedics, sports medicine and biomechanical effects on human tissue structures, the manual therapy has become an integral component of the children and adults treatment and rehabilitation programs. Due to the special knowledges required, the center of manual therapy shall be considered only a specialized medical facility – and in no case this can be a massage cabinet at a beauty salon or at a fitness club.

Indications for the manual therapy to the children

The indications for the manual therapy to the children:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, spinal disc herniation radiculitis);
  • locked (no modility) of the joint;
  • spinal curvature and poor posture (scoliosis);
  • circulatory disturbance of vertebral nature;
  • nerve root syndrome;
  • myalgia;
  • мышечная контрактура;
  • neurodynia;
  • cardiovascular diseases (ischemic heart disease, vegetative-vascular dystonia, arterial hypertension and hypotension);
  • functional disorders of the internals;
  • migraine, faintness and the sequellae of craniocerebral injuries;
  • recovery period after injuries and surgeries;
  • post-stroke rehabilitation;
  • mental and physical developmental delays of children.

The counter indications for the manual therapy

  • osteoporosis;
  • acute poor circulation;
  • inflammatory and degenerative processes in the joints (rheumatoid arthritis);
  • cancer;
  • injuries and fractures in the acute period.

The techniques and the courses of the manual therapy for the children

МЦ Приоритет

The medical practices of the last century and a half have given the mankind the classical techniques that are used in rehabilitation medicine and vertebrology.

  1. Manipulation (active technique).

This technique is based on short strokes with moderate strength. The more frequent exposed zones are the spine and the sacrum. The manipulative technique of the manual therapy of the spine restores the healthy mobility of the spinal parts, removes the pinching of the nerve roots and relaxes the muscular-ligamentous apparatus. The manual therapy in mild osteochondrosis often acts as monotherapy, and you will need 1-3 sessions for the recovery.

  1. Mobilization (passive technique).

The mobilization method of the manual therapy was developed in order to pull the vertebrae gently, to tilt the spine. As a result of such impact, the outflow of lymph out of the soft tissues improves and the swellings sink, the local blood supply and the nutrition of the tissues normalize as well as the motor ability of the joints becomes activated.

The mobilization method of the manual therapy in scoliosis eliminates the functional blockade and the restriction of mobility in the vertebrae, corrects the posture. The manual therapy of the joints stretches the muscles contracted by spasm and improves the mobility.

  1. Soft Tissue Technique.

The main features of the Soft Tissue Technique are the substitution of harsh movements by delicate and gentle touches. The purposes of them are to eliminate pain, to relieve nervous and muscular tension, to improve the state and mobility of the muscular-ligamentous apparatus.

The manual therapy also diversifies the methods used in medical rehabilitation practice.

  1. Myofascial Therapy (MFT)

This technique uses the careful stretching and muscle activation in order to relieve the pain syndrome and to stimulate the self-restoration of the body.

  1. Craniosacral Therapy (CSТ)

The therapy restores the natural micromotor rhythm of the skull bones, normalizes the cerebral blood circulation.

  1. Viscerogenic Therapy.

The therapy normalizes the function of the internals by means of slight pressures and knockings.

  1. Spinal Osteoarthritis Therapy.

The main feature of this type of therapy is the abrupt movements use. The therapy restores the mobility of the spine and of the joints.

The diagnosis, treatment and the preventive care by the methods of the manual therapy

Our Center for Brain Stimulation provides for Pediatric and Adult Manual Therapy aimed at the complete rehabilitation after injuries, diseases or surgeries.

The manual therapy is a comfortable, but at the same time difficult treatment. The result achieved affects the further rhythm of the life of a person. A professional osteopath or a manual therapist in our clinic in Kiev is able to carry out the manual diagnosis assessments and to choose a complex of manipulations, taking into account the age and the state of a particular patient. The manual impact can both relax and tone up: this is influenced by the indications and the goals of the therapy.

Our clinic, being focused as well in the manual therapy in Kiev, practices the techniques for therapeutic and precautionary purposes as well as for diagnosis assessments. Manual diagnosis assessments have its own techniques (palpation, stretching, pressure), each of which examines the muscle groups and the joints. If necessary, the further examination by a neuropathologist or a surgeon is recommended.

The price for the manual therapy reflexes several factors, but the main is the seriousness of the problem, which has become an indication for the treatment, and the duration of the course. The preventive course consists of 1-3 sessions. The treatment course consists of 5-7 sessions. Acute statuses of patients conditions are eliminated by one session per week.

People open the world through touches. By the touches the affection, sympathy, respect and love are disclosed. In our clinic, the competent and technical touches of the manual therapist’s hands are used for the purposes of treatment. The manual therapy for children and adults in our Center for Brain Stimulation is a pleasant way to eliminate pain, blocks, contractures and motor limitations, to restore natural biomechanics, to increase the body’s vitality and to return strength and spirit to the fragile body.

The cost of our services

Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (primary)30-45 minUAH 450
Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (definite)30 minUAH 300
Full-body nursery massage (for kids up to 14y.o.)40 minUAH 250
Full-body massage for adolescent (for patients from 14 y.o.)50 minUAH 400
Full-body massage for adults (for patients from 14 y.o.)90 minUAH 500
Cervical spine massage (collar zone)30 minUAH 180
Full-body nursery massage with manual and reflexotherapy, for kids up to 8 y.o. 30 minUAH 300
Full-body massage for adults, with manual- and reflexotherapy50 minUAH 500
Session of osteopathy, craniosacral or manual therapy60 minUAH 1000
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The Manual Therapy for the children
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