The Reflexotherapy for the Children

The reflexotherapy is an innovative method of influence on the biologically active markings of acupuncture on the human body for the treatment of various diseases. There are thousands of such markings on the human body, the most of them are located on the areas of hands, feet and rims of ears. These special markings have higher temperature and electric conductivity; when a person suffers from the chronical diseases, the inflations or eruptions appear on these markings.

Due to the fast growth and development of a kid’s body, it returns to the normal state quicker than the adult’s one. In some cases, the reflexotherapy is a much more effective method of treatment than the medication therapy.

 The acupuncture is used for the treatment of children with the following troubles:

  • the disturbing dreams;
  • Speech Development Delays;
  • Autism;
  • Cerebral Palsy;
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder;
  • the loose motion;
  • the perinatal pathology of the central nervous system – within the program of rehabilitation of kids;
  • the difficulties in learning;
  • the regular cold-related diseases;
  • the increased intracranial pressure;
  • the dullness of hearing.

There are positive results among infants with intestinal colics.

The methods of reflexotherapy used for the children: the acupuncture and the shiatsu massage.

What is the essence of the procedure?

Nowadays, the reflexotherapy is a well-recognized medical method of treatment. A specialist uses different types of acupuncture needles for acupuncture, depending on the zone of impact; they can be either disposable or for repeated use, in some cases the current is released through them.

Prior to the treatment, a complex of diagnosis studies shall be performed. Due to the personalized approach to each patient, it is possible to have an impact on the reasons of the trouble, which has caused the developmental delay, hyperexcitability, etc.

The duration of the session for children constitutes 5-20 minutes, and the recommended course of treatment shall be at least 10 sessions. The repeated course can be prescribed in a few months.

The procedure is not painful and it is well tolerated by children of any age.

The acupuncture in the Cerebral Palsy

akupunktura deti

The Cerebral Palsy occurs to the children within the intrauterine growth or as a result of birth trauma or the postnatal infections. In the former years, this diagnosis sounded like a sentence, but nowadays there are innovative treatment methods that help to achieve sound improvements.

The reflexotherapy, as a method of treatment of children with the Cerebral Palsy, is approved by the World Health Organization. There are evidences that the effectiveness of rehabilitation therapy in combination with the acupuncture increases by 90%, whereas without the acupuncture, its growth is not more than 50%.

The acupuncture method for the children with the Cerebral Palsy is used as a part of rehabilitation therapy along with the medications, massages or remedy gymnastics. The rehabilitation treatment is aimed at reducing myospasms and at stimulating the brain. It shall be noted that as earlier the treatment starts, the more appreciable results can be achieved.

The acupuncture to the children with the Cerebral Palsy allows to influence their central nervous systems in such a way that the impaired signals between the brain structures become restored.

How the acupuncture effects in the Cerebral Palsy:

  • the righting reflexes are formed, i.e. a body takes on the normal physiological position;
  • the muscle tone normalizes;
  • a child starts to hold its head confidently, to sit, to take toys and to hold them;
  • the crawling reflex arises, etc.

In the process of the reflexotherapy in the Cerebral Palsy, the doctor adjusts the treatment based on the assessment of a child. It is important to monitor how the appetite, the mood or the sleep pattern shall be changing.

The results of acupuncture applied to the children

After the course of treatment, the following positive changes can be observed:

  • the improved understanding of the direct speech;
  • the appearance of the sentential speech;
  • the improved diction;
  • the sound restoration of the motor functions;
  • the decreased excitability and aggression;
  • the enhanced cognitive functions of the brain;
  • the headaches losses;
  • the normalization of behavior and the sleep recovery.

The use of the method for children of the school age contributes to the perfection of their memory and attention, and improves their academic performance.

The effectiveness of the method in the Down Syndrome

The interventions with the acupuncture method to the children with the Down Syndrome help:

  • to stimulate the central and autonomic nervous systems;
  • to tonify the bodies;
  • to normalize the muscle tone.

The acupuncture positively effects the state of all internal parts of a child.

The counterindications

The acupuncture method has few counterindications for children:

  • running of high temperature or infections invasions of a body;
  • any acute diseases requiring the surgery;
  • any bones or joints traumas or fractures;
  • oncological diseases.

While choosing a clinic and a reflexologist, it is important to pay attention to the qualification, experience and working environment. This useful method brings the maximum effect to a child if applied in the responsible hands only.

The advantages of the method

None of medications are used for the treatment of the children with the acupuncture method, and this means that the additional chemicals do not enter the body.

After the course of treatment, the reason of the disease is eliminated as well as the general resistance of the organism to other diseases increases.

With the help of reflexotherapy, a child can not only be treated, but also strengthen the body. The acupuncture for children with the Cerebral Palsy is an effective method of treatment and management of the children with this trouble of any age in Kiev.

The experienced reflexologist works in our clinic in Kiev. The detailed consultation, the information on the treatment and the pricing of the acupuncture procedure can be obtained in the clinic.


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The Reflexotherapy for the Children
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