The Tomatis therapy for children

Communication and cognition are the most important processes that do not constitute difficulties for most of the people. But because of disruption in sensory perception, some people have difficulties in listening.

The method aimed at the improvement of interpretation of information which reaches the brain and on the increasing of the communicative skills was developed in the 50s of the last century by the French scientist and doctor Alfred Tomatis. Pedagogical therapy is based on the connection between the functions of hearing and speech and the influence on each other.By listening of certain acoustic compositions through the special device that combine high and low frequencies, the muscles of the middle ear are stimulated.

This method has also the other titles: «acoustic learning», «listening therapy», and with it help the children and adults are able to enhance the quality of listening.

How does the Tomatis therapy works

Prior the start of treatment, our specialist conducts diagnosis in order to determine the needs of particular patient. After that, the individual program is compiled, sessions passive and active activities are conducted.

The recommended procedure for carrying out the method:

  • for effortless hearing training, a child or an adult puts on the headphones, in which the music sounds in specially treated electronic mode, combining sounds of different frequencies;
  • there are also active exercises during which the patient performs tasks, reads and repeats words – in such case, the voice recording and analysis is simultaneously held.

tamatis terapiya

The children take the therapy well, they listen to music with headphones, and are engaged in creative work or a play. Students are happy that being in headphones, they can be engaged not in lessons, but in the activities they are interested in. The adults may devote 2 hoursto handicraft, for example, in the relaxed atmosphere.

The Tomatis Nethos is an additional technique, which is practiced simultaneously with the ordinary therapeutic approaches.

During the procedure the natural stimulation of the brain is made with acoustic signal. Music changes the frequency of sound, intensity and rhythm, stimulating the muscles of the inner ear and activating motor functions.


Indications for the Tomatis thepary

The Tomatis Method shows the positive results in the following cases:

  • delays and different speech impairments (Dyslalia, Dyslexia);
  • problems with listening (with hearing);
  • developmental delay, psychoverbal development delay, Dysarthria, other disorders;
  • difficulty concentrating;
  • the deficit of attentiveness (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder);
  • depressing states of adults;
  • poor rapport and difficulties in communication;
  • motor dysfunction;
  • difficulties with the development of fine movements and gross motor skills;
  • nervous tension, anxiety, despondency.

Using the Tomatis method, you can improve results in learning foreign languages (the rhythm of a new language is acquired and this reduces the learning period twice as fast), you can increase school performance, efficiency and creative potential, and even you can develop vocal brilliance.

The Tomatis therapy sessions are practiced with pregnant women in order to start the infant’s psycho-verbal development in the prenatal period.

Which results can be achieved

Using the Tomatis Method we can gain the incredible results. The testing performed by psychologist and the tests among the children of scholar age evidence the positive changes in the following aspects:

Increase the concentration of attention85 %
Improving the understanding of directed speech86 %
Speech development, enhancement of its quality75 %
Сommunication skills90 %
Enhancement of memory75 %
Increase of IQ85 %
Understanding of written texts85 %
Decrease of stress susceptibility and impacts of depressing conditions80 %

The essential specifics of the therapy is that all the acquired skills are preserved after the course of it.

The Tomatis therapy is especially effective in autism as a method of sensory integration, in combination with the work of psychologists and correctional teachers. It is possible to improve not only the quality of speech, but also its understanding during a short period of time.

With the help of Tomatis on the Besson apparatus in Kyiv, the pupils of schools are able to enhance their memory and attention, to increase their learning abilities. The children receive satisfaction from the process of the schooling, gain more information and become more assiduous. The brain gets the possibilities to «build» the neural connections more effectively, and this helps to perceive and to learn the new information.

Sometimes, the adults face the problem of speech quality (fluency, timbre, precise speaking) which can be associated with the breakdown of the link between the ear, brain, and voice. The people who have undergone therapy, get the improvement of the physical parameters like posture, muscle tone, coordination of movements between the right and left parts of the body.

The Tomatis therapy in the Center for Brain Stimulation

МЦ Приоритет

Currently, a lot of Tomatis therapy centers are open in Ukraine, but not all of them grants the same result. The Center for Brain Stimulation in Kiev employs specialists who are looking for the best solutions for the development, rehabilitation and adaptation of children with physical and psychological disabilities, as well as for the assistance to neurotypical children and adults.

The sessions in our center are conducted using modern equipment for the Tomatis therapy produced by Tomatis Besson, and not on cheaper alternative equipment with low efficiency. This particular unique device by Besson proved to show high results in Europe. The tasks of speech therapists, psychologists or a correctional teachers become significantly easier if the modern therapy is in use.

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The cost of our services

Type of ServicesDurationPrice
Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (primary)30-45 minUAH 450
Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (definite)30 minUAH 300
Еlectroencephalography (EEG)30 minUAH 450
Tomatis Method treatment (I-st course, per 1 session)120 minUAH 600
Tomatis Method treatment (II-nd course, per 1 session)120 minUAH1125
Tomatis Method treatment (IIIrd-VIIth courses, per 1 session)120 minUAH 1000
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The Tomatis therapy for children
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