Transcranial Direct
Current Stimulation

  Transcranial direct current stimulation of brains (TDCS) is a modern method of treatment and of preventive care of different types of central nervous system impairments. The stimulation is also applied in rehabilitation practices in case of craniocerebral injuries.

Transcranial direct current stimulation can be practiced as a separate method as well as a part of complex therapy, for instance in combination with the courses of massage and/or therapeutic physical training. High efficiency of the procedure is confirmed by numerous researches and long practical experience. Especially, the TDCS is efficient in treatment of speech delays, memory impairment, neurosensory hypoacusis, setback of mental growth, etc..

Transcranial direct current stimulation is carried out in several clinics in Ukraine, including the Center of Mind Stimulation, where you may also undergo a preliminary consultation with a neurologist and a mental physician. In addition, a range of other procedures are carried out in the Center of Mind Stimulation, which are usually applied along with the TDCS as part of complex treatment of central nervous system diseases.

Concept of Action of Transcranial Direct
Current Stimulation

The basis of the TDCS is an influence on the brains by direct current of low amperage (below 1 мА) through cranium with the use of special intracerebral leads. Trickling through, an electric charge «coats» nerve cells, forming a double electrical layer on the border between the cellular contents and the external environment of the cell.

As a result, the electric current activates the operation of those brain structures, on which it influences directly, and enhances the influence of these structures on other brain regions.


 The session of the TDCS is recommended to the patients diagnosed with:

  • cerebral palsy or other organic impairment of central nervous system;
  • autism;
  • epilepsy;
  • speech delay;
  • neuropathy of trifacial nerve and/or seventh cranial nerve;
  • craniocerebral injuries;
  • alcoholomania or other psychological dependency;
  • neurosis;
  • sensorineural hearing loss;
  • «vegetal state»; and
  • cerebral circulation disorder.

The TDCS is successfully practiced in cases of epilepsy, parkinsonism, Asperger syndrome, spastic tetraparesis and child mental retardation.

It is deemed to be useful to practice this method in the treatment of vascular pathologies of brains, visual dysfunctions, enuresis, fecal incontinence, psychodevelopment delays, olfactory defects and various psychoemotional disorders.

The TDCS sessions help to eliminate the sequalae of perinatal encephalopathy, the infections of brains, apoplexy, cholinolytic substance intoxication.

Apart from all, the medical grounds for this method are the disorders originated from different central nervous system diseases.

The effectiveness of the TDCS in treatment of the abovementioned pathologies is evidenced by a number of positive outcomes.

Reluctances of the TDCS

  The reluctances of TDCS are as follows:

  • periods of attacks of contagious and inflammatory diseases in chronical forms;
  • severe cardiovasculare defects (for example, nasty form of cerebral atherosclerosis, hypertensive disease of III type, etc.);
  • periods of acute infectious diseaseы or inflammation;
  • the patient has connective tissue or blood systemic diseases;
  • the patient possesses a tumor mass;
  • febrile state of the patient.

Along with this, the TDCS is counter-indicative to the patients with hives, liver spots, injuries, blastema (for example, freckles), on the parts of body, at which the TDCS electrodes are adjoined. The TDCS might not be prescribed to the patients, which are diagnosed the individual intolerance to electrical current, and to those patients, who have encranial debrides (bone filler material, plates, etc.).

The doctors do not recommend to take the TDCS together with acupuncture, drastic psychotropic medication, musculary electric stimulation and vibrostimulation.

Characteristics of the TDCS

  The TDCS is a completely painless procedure. For people, who have no reluctances, it is absolutely safe. It suits the adult patients and kids. Statistics shows that the positive therapy effect of the TDCS is noted in 75% of cases.

One session of the TDCS takes from 20 to 40 minutes. Its duration is defined by the clinician on case-by-case basis. One course usually consists of 10 sessions. It is often recommended to repeat it in 2-3 months term. Expectedly 3 courses shall be prescribed but this depends on the severity of pathology and the patient’s past medical history.

To undergo the TDCS course, it is necessary to start with a visit to a doctor – a neurologist or a mental physician. Usually, after the consultation or during it the electroencephalogram is performed in order to identify the features of the course of the pathological processes of the patients.

Transcranial direct current stimulation
of brains in the Ukrainian market.

 In Ukraine, there are not so much medical facilities using the TDCS method, so those, which include the method into its scope of services nowadays, guarantee the high professional level of performance. Especially, there are a lot of positive references about the TDCS method in Kyiv, in the Center of Mind Stimulation.

The average fee for 1 session of the transcranial direct current stimulation in Ukraine varies between UAH400 – 800. The fee for consultation of neurologist or mental physician rates from UAH350 to UAH900, which depends on the pricing policy of the medical facility and the specialist qualification.


The cost of our services

Type of ServicesDurationPrice
Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (primary)30-45 minUAH 450
Pediatric Neurologist counseling interview (definite)30 minUAH 300
Еlectroencephalography (EEG)UAH 450
Transcranial District Current Stimulation (TDCS)20 minUAH 400
Bioacoustical remodeling (BAR)20 minUAH 400
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