After all this illness recovery process is no less important than treatment. On how skillfully composed rehabilitation program depends on how soon the patient will return to normal life. This is especially true for patients after an ischemic or hemorrhagic stroke, because the problem is still acute in our time to date, despite the fact that medicine is developing by leaps and bounds.


Rehabilitation after stroke includes a whole range of medical treatments and psychological interventions aimed at the return of physical activity, recovery of speech, and other functions of the body, as well as the stabilization of the mental state of patients. Only an integrated approach helps to achieve the most effective results, as well as to prevent the possible consequences in the form of pneumonia, contractures and muscular dystrophy. So, if before you there was a question about where to go repair, the answer is simple – the rehabilitation center. After all, only in a specialized institution can provide a comprehensive approach by the simultaneous participation of specialists from different areas. In addition, treatment of stroke consequences also implies the active participation of relatives and loved ones, as has long been proven in practice that the only way to achieve optimal results in the shortest possible time.



The first thing that starts the actual rehabilitation process – preparation of individual programs, depending on the patient’s condition and the extent of brain damage. In each case the patient is undergoing tests fail, then it is assigned a set of different procedures. One of the most effective methods of recovery of physical activity is a physical therapy (physiotherapy). All the exercises are chosen by experts and must be performed under the guidance of the instructor. In addition, also assigned electrical and other methods of influence on the modern equipment. Are required to attend regular sessions in speech therapy and the therapist.


It should be noted that the earlier taken the necessary steps, the faster the recovery. In our “brain stimulation of the Center” has everything you need for a full recovery after a stroke. We are located in Kiev, but also successfully accept patients from other cities of Ukraine.

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