Tomatis method


Tomatis method – a system of auditory training. The goal of the method is to improve the brain’s ability to perceive and process information perceived by the ear. With training method is Tomatis reprogramming process hearing.

DO need is your child?

These workouts are assigned to children with autism spectrum disorders (early childhood autism (RDA), Asperger’s syndrome, autystycheni states), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, delayed speech and psychomotor development, impaired writing (dysgraphia, dyslexia), impairment of balance. Also, children who need to improve education and vivchennya foreign languages.

What problem it solves?

Many children with normal hearing quite a bad perceive and absorb what they hear. They often have to repeat the same thing, they give the impression inattentive. In terms of noise (eg, at school or in kindergarten) compounded these difficulties. Inability to process and analyze information heard leads to problems in school, hampers the development of social skills. Audio vocal training Tomatis method to allow train the ear to analyze and digest the information that had not previously zasvoyuvalasya.

What novelty and unlike the other?

Worldwide there are special centers working method Tomatis. “Center of brain stimulation” and “Center remediation techniques” Kiev “was one of the first centers that have implemented this method in Ukraine.

How is?

Application of this method is possible thanks to a special unit complex called Electronic Ear. During the lessons a child listening to music through headphones Mozart or Gregorian chants. This EUho filters to music in some way, causing auditory system work more efficiently. When training a child can play, draw or do any peaceful activity. For each child filters Electronic Ears tuned individually.


What are the contraindications?

  • epileptic activity,
  • the acute phase of any disease,
  • severe hypertension
  • neoplastic disease.

Before the appointment of electroencephalogram necessary. Classes could start in 3-4 years.

Auditory training should be long, so that the brain learns only after 40-45 hours.

The first course – 15 lessons of 2 hours.

Follow – 8 days.

Between courses, starting from third, maybe a break of several months to a year.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Equipment of THAT USED?

We use equipment with analog amplification. Producer Besson of Switzerland. It is the world’s only manufacturer of electronic ear – a key element method audioterapiya Tomatysa.

Why we do not use the equipment, which is much cheaper?

Because the effects described by Prof. Tomatis available only through electronic ears. The use of other devices does not give the desired result.

Why we do not use wireless devices?

The use of wireless technologies leads to interference incompatible c audioterapiyi need for quality sound.

WHO has the right to audioterapiya METHOD IN Tomatis?

This equipment is commercially available – monopolies do not. The study also held open (for example, «Federation Internationale d ‘Audio-Psycho-Phonologie et Pedagogie de l’Ecoute»). The professor Tomatis was against the monopolizing his method and tried to make it affordable for many people.

Audioterapiya method Tomatysa may engage expert, held special training and have the necessary equipment.

YOU CAN DO A second course will be held in other centers Tomatis?

You can, but you have to make sure that the quality audioterapiyi compliance.

Also listed above, check the following:

Is carried out before drawing course audiometry? Diagnostics – a key component of a program. Audiometer must be calibrated according to the requirements Tomatis.

Where experts were trained? In our view, the main followers of Tomatis is: «Federation Internationale d ‘Audio-Psycho-Phonologie et Pedagogie de l’Ecoute», including CAPF or Russian part – “Pedagogical Association, Korrektsyonnoy and Medical audioterapiya” and “Center brain stimulation. ”

Is is controlled EEG? Tomatis therapy – a stimulating effect, so you need to control the activity of the cerebral cortex of the brain. The center should be electroencephalograph and a doctor who knows how to interpret the results audioterapiyi know the specifics.


Your personal office Tomatis therapy:


Tomatis method
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