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The possibilities of the human brain are not particularly limited, but, as is the case with physical training, it needs regular exercise. Regardless of the potential inherent nature by modern advances can achieve significant memory improvement, exacerbation of attention, increase concentration, and other types of brain activity. This article is devoted to the question of how to improve memory and enhance brain function in adults and children.


On the level of human brain activity are influenced by a number of factors, from general physical condition to magnetic storms. Initially, the brain is endowed with the ability to remember the information, because it is supported by almost 15-th billions of cells. And to develop and use this potential to the full, there are special techniques and training developed on the basis of the author’s technique. Through their regular practice can significantly influence the development of visual, short-term, long-term, as well as a photographic memory. In order to achieve the maximum effect, requires an integrated approach. books from the network is not enough to download and even more so to use questionable recommendations.


In addition to professional procedures necessary to ensure that the body initially appropriate conditions, which is the main guarantee of a strong healthy sleep. After all, during sleep the brain cells to regenerate, but without regular rest the human memory is not able to operate at full capacity. And it is important to sleep cling to it during the night, such as biorhythms originally laid down by nature.


No less important, and regular physical activity not only for the support of the general tone, but also for the productive work of the brain. During the day, it passes through it about two liters of blood, which supplies the cells with oxygen. Any kind of activity will only benefit, as long as you feel comfortable.


In addition, should review their nutrition habits. Monotonous food, not rich with essential vitamins and trace elements is extremely negative impact not only on the overall health, but also for memory in particular, up to failure. Nutrition should be a full, varied, balanced, and most importantly – regular. Quick bite “on the go” can be practiced only in cases of extreme necessity. Equally useful is the regular cleaning of fasting days, but do it best under the supervision of a professional nutritionist.


As for the individual products, which favorably affect the brain, the list is quite extensive, and this is a topic for another article. We list only some of them: bananas, eggs, sprouted grains, honey, fish and almost all seafood. To further enrich the diet is recommended to take vitamin complexes. Especially should pay attention to vitamins of group B.




All these recommendations will be a good tool in an integrated approach. But if you want to significantly develop memory, you can not do without professional help. “Brain stimulation Center” Experts are working on a unique methodology that allows for a fairly short period of time to achieve substantial results. After all, there are many methods of memory development, including various tests, courses, schools, etc. But not all of them are effective. A technique developed by our center acts, regardless of fitness level.


I would like to draw the attention of business leaders that the development of this kind would be useful for your employees no less than the specialized courses and seminars. Brain Stimulation positive impact on productivity and, consequently, increase the company’s financial performance. Among our programs, which we are working, there is a very effective course for top management of companies, regardless of the direction of their activities. The technique has been established as a result of studies of leading specialists the world’s top institutions of neuropsychology. You will be given everything you need to make you feel comfortable: spacious classrooms, qualified personnel, learning materials and so on.


We are located in Kiev, but also successfully cooperate with companies from other cities. It offers comfortable rooms in the hotel at the clinic, where you can stay for the duration of the course. For any questions, please contact us at the numbers listed on the website or come to our center. Our experts will answer all your questions. Reception is conducted by appointment.


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