Products Advanced Brain Technologies

The main product of the company Advanced Brain Technologies is a system of treating sound (audioterapii) The Listening Program. It represents the amount recorded in a certain way (which makes it unique) of the music being played on any special equipment or through regular quality headphones.

The program is based on principles that are postulated Alfred Tomatis.

It which includes 3 programs created for different purposes.


  • Socio-emotional sphere, motor coordination, resistance to stress
  • Education, Communication, Efficiency
  • General balanced program
  • Recently, the program became available to stream audio over the Internet.

InTime – a new round of development of the company ABT. By TLP added rhythmic component (in fact, this is the original music, the recording of which was used more than 100 percussion instruments, collected all over the world and hundreds of rhythmic patterns and their combinations).

It is important to note that inTime overlaps in large part, what the “acts” Interactive Metronome and cerebellar stimulation (cerebellar stimulation – Learning Breakthrough etc.) – that is, aligning processes, automation, motor coordination, and most importantly, speech and thought.

Individualized training include not only listening to music, but also a lot of motor-rhythmic exercises using your own body, voice, drums and other musical instruments noise. These exercises help to keep the inner sense of rhythm and make an integral part of the rhythm of life.

It combines two important aspects for the development of the brain: the stimulation of the sounds of certain frequencies and stimulation using rhythm.

The third area of production of the ABT – science-based program for the harmonization of the internal state, the regulation of sleep, deal with stress – are available via the Internet or on solid media.


This certification course does not include the cost of equipment.