Tomatis for pregnant women

Pregnant Tomatis Center in brain stimulation – a healthy pregnancy, the correct child development and successful delivery

During pregnancy, every woman is going through interesting but very complex metamorphosis. Changing it, changing her baby. It is important at this time to the maximum to take care of proper development of the baby, mother and prepare for the upcoming birth.

There are many techniques and methods in the field. However, depending on the individual patient, different methods can have their contraindications. In addition, based on the same individual characteristics, is not always 100% the planned result.

Specialists of brain stimulation chose the most effective and safe method, tested us and gives maximum guaranteed positive outcome.

What is the feature of the technique “Tomatis”?

Alfred Tomatis hypothesized that later confirmed, that the fetus is highly active, both physical and sensual. Studies have shown that in the first months of development, the baby hears and accumulate a lot of memories that gets from his first sensory experience. Ear child is formed by the 18th week.

  1. Tomatis demonstrated that all pregnancy – is very important, we can say critical time for mental and physical development of the baby. From us to you depends on how developed and healthy a baby. The first and most important communication experience baby – a perception intrauterine voice of his mother.

Dr. Tomatis has developed a special technique for pregnant women. The main objective methods – to establish the relationship between mother and baby. This program helps encourage proper development of children and prepare for successful delivery.

The effectiveness of the methodology “Tomatis” confirmed by many professionals and by patients in France and other countries.

Tomatis program

Patients participating in the “Tomatis” a lot less tired, reduces muscle tension, back pain is significantly improved mood. Canopies are great! The risk of complications is minimized.

A child receives a maximum of information, develops quickly and harmoniously. These kids safer sleep much more quickly get used to the normal day make significant progress in all aspects of development.

After these birth mothers recovered much faster.

The method is tested and provides the most positive, with no contraindications. Our experts have vast experience and skills in carrying out this type of procedure. You can calmly trust us. We guarantee a lot of positive emotions, safety and excellent results, and maternity and baby.

How does the Tomatis?

Our professionals put the child and her mother “for one moment” – with special “electronic switches.” The so-called electronic ear exempt channels sound to the inner ear through the eardrum – the sound comes directly without interference.

Due adjusted on one wave of baby sounds, filtered, which does not carry the load of information, mom becomes more energetic, relieves stress, improves heart rate, relax the uterine wall, allowing the fruit to get more space disappear anxiety, fear, fatigue. A pregnant woman and her baby are in the same acoustic environment, living pregnancy in a positive mood. Both are tuned to give birth as a positive, healthy process.

Our experts will help you to enjoy pregnancy and childbirth. This is not a fairy tale – a reality that is now available for every woman because of the “Tomatysu” and qualifications of our staff!

Tomatis for pregnant women
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